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Exeter Cruises
Scenic Cruises On Exeter's Historic Canal since 2002

Do you accept card payments? 

Yes we are card-friendly, we accept both cash and cards.

Are dogs, bikes, prams allowed onboard?

Yes! We are dog friendly and there is plenty of space to store a bike or pram. All are welcome and are free.

Is there a toilet onboard Southern Comfort?

No, each leg of the journey is about 25 mins.  There are public toilets on Exeter Quay and toilets in the Double Lock Inn if you are disembarking there for food or a drink.

How is the accessibility for people with mobility issues?

A significant percentage of our passengers are senior citizens / people with limited mobility. There are three steps to board the boat. We are three crew onboard and with our assistance we are able to get people onboard safely as long as they have some mobility. If you would like to discuss this further with me, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Do you provide guided tours?

Every Wednesday during July & August at 11.30 we host a Red Coat Guided Tour.

What is a Family ticket?

A family is 2 adults and 2 children.

What age is a child?

A child is from 3 to 17 years old.

Do I need to book?

If you are a large group we advise to book but otherwise you should have no problem. For daily live updates on our departures and availability please check our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Do you still run if the weather is bad?

All trips are subject to weather conditions.  In inclement weather we may have a reduced service or have to cancel our trips.  Live updates are posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Can I do a one-way journey from Double Locks to Exeter Quay?

Yes but we advise to book 30 minutes before departure to confirm if there is available space(s) and if the service is available.

What if the return boat from Double Locks is full?

We are licensed to carry 49 passengers so this is a very rare occurrence.  Passengers with return tickets receive priority and in the unlikely event that we are full an extra departure will be provided or a refund if preferred.

Frequently Asked Questions

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